Jul 122013

Last updated on September 4th, 2019

News Alert!  Beach Huts For Sale!

BBC News Article On Beach Hut Sale

BBC News Article On Beach Hut Sale

Yesterday’s news on the BBC told us that Sarah Litchfield has decided to place her hut on the market for £200,000 is a good reminder to interested buyers that my hut is also for sale.

Saltaire Hut 181

Saltaire Hut 181 – £136,500

Needleview (Sarah’s hut) overlooks The Needles on the Isle of Wight, just like my hut, Saltaire.


My hut also sleeps four and has the following key features:

  • New Four ring gas hob!
  • Gas Grill & Gas Oven!
  • New gas fridge!
  • A sink & tap (fawcet) and kitchen area with storage cupboards!
  • Solar-powered lighting!
  • Double glazed doors and windows!
  • Very large external storage lockers to the side, back and underneath!
  • Large veranda!
  • Large area in front of the hut for extending the seating area onto the semi-fixed picnic table.
  • Space to relax, sun bath and a play area for children.
  • Walls, doors, windows and roof in very good condition.

The Price?

The price is a very reasonable £136,500.

July 2013 Pictures

These are some photos I took yesterday on my visit to the hut.  The hut and surroundings are brilliant!!  I’ve also included a few shots from earlier visits.


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Jun 012013

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Girlfri3nds Comes to My Beach Hut

As I mentioned in this post, Spring Madness Surprise, the TV crew came almost as they said they would (came on the ferry instead) and kept my son and myself entertained with their TV production antics for quite some time.  My son is a professional cameraman and obviously knew about everything going on, but it was all new to me.

There seemed to be a lot of standing around….  😉

The couple were very nice, it just being a shame that the English weather decided to be normal and not a bit hotter.  The show is called Girlfri3nds and will be out in August on ITV2.  Below are a selection of snaps I took of the day – faces are deliberately not well shown!  You can see how changeable the weather was and how the Isle of Wight appears from my windows.

Girlfri3nds_08 Girlfri3nds_06 Girlfri3nds_07 Girlfri3nds_04 Girlfri3nds_05 Girlfri3nds_02 Girlfri3nds_03 Girlfri3nds_01 Girlfri3nds_35 Girlfri3nds_36 Girlfri3nds_33 Girlfri3nds_34 Girlfri3nds_31 Girlfri3nds_32 Girlfri3nds_30 Girlfri3nds_28 Girlfri3nds_29 Girlfri3nds_26 Girlfri3nds_27 Girlfri3nds_24 Girlfri3nds_25 Girlfri3nds_22 Girlfri3nds_23 Girlfri3nds_20 Girlfri3nds_21 Girlfri3nds_18 Girlfri3nds_19 Girlfri3nds_16 Girlfri3nds_17 Girlfri3nds_13 Girlfri3nds_14 Girlfri3nds_15 Girlfri3nds_11 Girlfri3nds_12 Girlfri3nds_09 Girlfri3nds_10

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