Jun 252013

Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Beach Hut, decking & chairs.Two Weeks in July

Checking my calendar I see that only two weeks remain free next month – and they’re not even full weeks at that!  The English weather, both last year and now, certainly doesn’t seem to be putting people off beach huts!!

Half of September Already Booked

Indeed, the first half of September is already fully booked which is amazing compared to previous years.  People are certainly staying at home no matter what the English weather throws their way.

Get in Quick!

Maybe it’s that special, exclusive, old world charm that does it?  The back-to-nature feel, harking back to an earlier simple time…?   😉

Those who have read an earlier post this year will know that my beach hut is for sale. There’s no telling what a future owner might do with my hut – they may want it all to themselves – so get in quick!

Maybe you’d like to own it yourself?  At £136,500 it’s a very reasonable proposition for the exclusive location and sits very well in the market. Call me or use the contact form here.

  •  June 25, 2013
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Apr 022012

Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Inside, looking out

Inside, looking out

Parasol Primed for Sun

Christine is down at the hut right now, (tidying up after the decking works), and has sent me this photo from inside.

Note the new decking, nicely painted up, and the picnic table all primed and ready to go with parasol in place!

Also note the arrival of a pink theme, new for this year…

Roll on summer, eh!

  •  April 2, 2012
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