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Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Mudeford Sandbank

Saltaire is situated on Mudeford Sandbank.  This is just below Hengistbury Head which protects the huts from the sometimes ferocious prevailing winds coming up the English Channel.  Formerly the site of the odd old fisherman’s hut or wreck, the area is now exclusively beach huts, although many are still used to store fishing and other sea equipment!  There are over 300 huts, a few being let, most being for the exclusive use of the owners.

To accompany the huts and their hutter occupants are the Beach House Cafe, the shop and the ferry landing.  The shop provides standard camping fare (bacon, eggs, bread etc) plus the usual seaside stuff like ice creams and buckets.

Apart from this, the area is simple & quiet, with none of the garishness typically associated with seaside resorts.  While having many visitors on hot summer weekends, it still has the feel of time standing still.

Hengistbury Head

Hengistbury Head contains archaeological remains of some of the earliest settlements in the British Isles for modern man.  See The Megalithic Portal for this.

Both Hengistbury Head and most of Mudeford Sandbank are protected areas, both containing SSSI zones.  Don’t walk on these areas!  There are Natterjack Toads, for instance, plus large feeding areas for sea birds.

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Mudeford Sandbank is in Dorset, a few miles east of Bournemouth, in the UK.


The Beach Hut can be assessed several ways.

Either by taking the Noddy Train from Hengistbury Head Car Park, walking from the car park,  or the Ferry from Mudeford.

From the Noddy Train terminal, or the Jetty  continue walking to the Beach House Cafe.  Walk behind the Cafe and turn left.   Hut 181 is past the Beach House Cafe, with the views of the Isle of Wight  across the sea.