Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Over the last season I have been asked several questions from families who would like to rent my hut.

Here are a few pointers.
  • There is no heating in the hut
  • There is no electricity in the hut (apart from two lights powered by solar panels)
    • There is a cigar lighter socket in the LHS cupboard which is powered from the same 12V battery – useful for charging mobile phones, say)
  • There is no running water (water is pumped to the tap via a water container, that needs to be filled regularly, situated  in the cupboard underneath the hob)
  • There is no hot water, except by boiling the kettle!
  • The hob, cooker and fridge are powered by a gas cylinder
  • There is no toilet in the hut
    • Toilets and showers are in the nearby block with a locked are specially set aside for hutters.
  • There are bunk beds (no ladder) large enough for two adults
  • The very large double bed has to be made.  This is not difficult, two seats either side of the hut have to be pulled out, which makes the base of the bed, the cushions make the mattress.  It is not possible to leave the bed in the extended position as there will be no access to the kitchen area.  (much like a small caravan).
  • Duvets and pillows are supplied but NO LINEN.
  • The access to the hut from Hengistbury Head car park is by walking, cycling or using the Noddy Train, or the Ferry from Mudeford.  Both of these run to a timetable and usually finish around 7.00 pm peak season.
  • You are not able to drive your car to the Hut.  The path to the hut is woodland  (You are able to hire a land rover, the driver will deliver your possessions to the door of the hut)  Cars are not allowed along the path, except out of season and an expensive licence has to be applied for.
    • The access road has no lights and is about one mile long.  Therefore arrival to the hut must be before 7.00 pm in the season, otherwise you could cycle from the car park.
  • I would not advise arriving at the hut after 7.00 in the evening.
  • The access road to Hengistbury Head is barred at 22.00, therefore no cars are able to leave or arrive at the car park.
  • Hot water and hot showers are available to resident hutters within the toilet block (which are very close to my hut)
  • To access the hut you have to arrive at the  Beach House Cafe/Restaurant  (this is approximately 120 / 150 mtrs from the noddy train terminal and ferry landing)  go behind the Cafe, turn left and 181 is a short distance along, (14 beach huts) overlooking the beach and Isle of Wight.

Basically, it is a beautiful, quiet, tranquil, BEACH HUT, situated on the sand.