Access (How to get there!)


Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Access to Christine’s Beach Hut  (How to get there!)

Cars are forbidden on Hengistbury Head and Mudeford Sandbank and a special licence is needed for their use.  For most people, access is via two routes:

  • From Hengistbury Head  car park
    • You can then either:
      • Walk
      • Cycle
      • Get the Noddy Train
      • Get the green Land Rover (run by the Noddy Train people) – For 4 people with a lot of luggage this is usually the best option.
  • From Mudeford Car Park
    • You can then either:
      • Arrive in your own boat (yes, it’s been done!)
      • Catch the ferry


  • You can of course arrive by boat in Christchurch Harbour and unload there.  We know this happens fairly often.
  • No-one, to our knowledge, has ever arrived via the Wick Ferry, although it does give a pleasant tour of the harbour, putting a different perspective to the landscape.
  • Last year the car park fees increased dramatically so please be aware of this if stopping for a long time.


Beach House Cafe

The Land Train (the Noddy Train!)

Wick Ferry

Mudeford Ferry