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Hello World

7th October 2013

Today the last hutters rented my lovely Beach Hut  for a  holiday in 2013 

and today was the day I received a deposit for the sale of Saltaire.

As you know I have been trying to sell my Beach Hut for a while.

Lots of people have looked at it, many have said they would like to have it

but now –

A family have fallen in love with Saltaire, and the position on the spit – this is great because the hut will be loved and cared for once again –  a family with young children will love the fun, the sand, the sun and be happy and safe.

This year has been fantastic, the weather could not have been better, many families have enjoyed staying at the Beach Hut, their holidays could not have been better – hooray for a sunny Bournemouth.

I am sorry to say that the new family are keeping Saltaire to themselves, they do not wish to share their new acquisition  – I am happy for them but sorry for those people who had made a reservation for Summer 2014.  I hope you are all able to find another lovely hut to rent.

Thanks everyone for looking at my lovely web site which was created by my partner  (if anyone would like a wonderfully created web site such as mine  –  please just send a quick email and Martin is the man to help you).

Happy huttering to everyone

Christine xx





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