May 172013

Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Hello World

You never know what will happen next – always new suprises – always new experience-always fun around the corner-

Had an amazingly surprise telephone call as a result of ITV searching for a lovely beach hut location, and they found my website.

They were so impressed,

loved the hut,

love the position,

loved the Noddy Train,

loved the  photos of Hengistbury Head, the bay and surrounding area –

so  they asked  if  my little hut could be used for a TV programme.

With pleasure and elation I agreed.  The programme will be broadcast in the Summer  – I will take photos of the crew filming and post these as soon as I can.

Everyone who has, or will have,  a holiday in my Beach Hut can now say

‘We stayed in the famous hut that was used for a TV programme’

So Exciting …

Watch for the next posting – Christine

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