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Last updated on September 4th, 2019

Christine’s Beach Hut

Christine’s Beach Hut, Saltaire, is situated on Mudeford Sandbank, a spit on the famously beautiful Dorset Coast which helps form Christchurch Harbour.   On the seaward side, with views across to the Isle of Wight, it’s tucked back from the footpath for a bit of extra privacy while still being close to the Restaurant & Shop…  Neat huh?

Unique, exclusive, exquisite, adorable and peaceful.  Children love the Wendy House feel.  Adults love the simplicity of being close to nature, where time stands still.

A place to visit and not to be missed.

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[My beach hut was sold in 2013.  This site is maintained for posterity and as a pointer to all things nice about the area.]